He challenges, shares and instructs masterfully.

Janis St. Martin, Vice President, ACA International

Rafael always finds the pulse of what moves customers, consumers or distribution partners.

W.E. Calligaro, Managing Director, Oak & Apple Partners

Raphael tactfully inserts himself into the organization and works in a steady, thoughtful, direct manner.

Rozanne M. Andersen, Esq., Former CEO, ACA International

Highly recommend!

Carey Shandley, Director of Marketing, ACA International

One of my best choices.

Naomi Beck, Owner, Bottega

Already seen growth in my business.

Troy Hitt,

The best speaker I’ve been fortunate enough to experience.

David Lokker, Owner, Landsharks

On point and entertaining. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear him speak.

Michael Varnadore, CEO, Pink Flamingo Group

The most dynamic speaker I have ever heard!

Mary Klaneski, Owner, New England Yarn & Spindle

I was riveted for over 2 hours!

Kevin Harrison, Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A