Maelstrom develops, directs, and drives powerful marketing.

We focus on strategies, tactics, and results.

  • We identify what needs to happen for your company to make money. That’s the strategy.
  • We hand-pick the right tools and the right people to make it happen. These are the tactics.
  • We pull it all together to start bringing you more leads, more sales, and more profits. Those are the results.


Branding - We’ll guide you to a brand that stands out

Is your marketing boring even to you? Does your company look the same as everyone else? It’s a crowded world, and your prospects are cynical and jaded. To attract sales, you’ll need powerful brand that resonates perfectly. Easy to say but hard to do… that’s where we come in. We’ll guide you through the process of finding, defining, and refining a brand that hits home with your market.

Marketing strategy - We’ll guide you to the right moves

Most independent businesses have marketing activities, but no marketing plan. We look at your buyers, your competition, and your product or service. We establish metrics to track effectiveness. And we identify the marketing strategies to increase sales. All of this comes together in a brief marketing plan that is straightforward and focused on results.

Campaign execution - We’ll be your marketing quarterback, calling the plays

From websites to white papers, from trade shows to webinars, we can guide your projects from inception to completion. We’ll help you identify the right resources — from local vendors to outsourced, overseas, and crowdsourced options. Then we’ll guide and manage them from start to finish, while you stay focused on running your business.

Presentation coaching - We’ll reveal the powerful presenter within you.

Whether it’s presenting to prospects or pitching for capital, business leaders gain tremendously when they can speak with polish. Perhaps you’re intimidated by public speaking, and you’d like to gain confidence and skill. Maybe you’re  natural, but you could gain expertise and refinement. Let us take you from “decent” to “dynamite,” showing you the best ways to present with impact and power.