The Gifts that Keep on Giving: Gifting to Employees

“She already earns a big salary and we give great benefits. Why do we need to give her extra presents?!” Many business owners feel that gifting their employees is unnecessary. Their feelings seem to make sense. After all, don’t employees base their decision about whether to work for your company based on the compensation package […]

The Gifts that Keep on Giving: Gifting to Clients

A business owner mentions to you that he just sent one of his clients a Hermès tie and another a Tiffany keychain. Do you think he’s making a good investment? Or wasting his money? On some level, sending luxurious gifts to your clients seems counterintuitive. You’re spending money without any obvious ROI.  The truth is, […]

The Gifts that Keep on Giving: It’s All About the Swag

  So you’re on board with giving gifts to clients and employees. You realize that it will add value to your business relationships. But there’s one type of gift that companies give away regularly without really considering whether they produce any ROI. Let’s talk swag! Walk around any trade show or expo, and you will […]