How to Stand Out, Part 3: Customer Touch Points

Your company’s relationship with your customers is made up of different “touch points.” These are the times that your customer interacts with your company, and these are the moments that build your brand identity 一 for the good or for the bad 一 in your customer’s mind. Depending on your industry, your customer touch-points might […]

How to Stand Out, Part 2: Location, Location, Location

Your company needs a location to do business. It could be an office, a warehouse, or a retail store. But why should yours look like every other office, warehouse, or retail store? Instead, why not turn your location into one of the most incredible parts of your company, into something that customers, vendors, and employees […]

How to Stand Out: The Face of Your Brand

Who is the face of your company? Is it you, the owner? Your C-level staff? The real face of your company is the front-line employee that your customers deal with. It’s the uniforms that your staff wear. It’s the highly-visible company truck that they drive.  These are your company’s public persona. They’re the part of […]