So You Think You Know Marketing? Split Testing

You’re sure that changing your headline will draw more customers. Or you’re convinced that making your product description more prominent will encourage more purchases. Maybe you’re toying with the idea of making your offer bright red so that it will be more attention-catching. But are you sure that these changes will improve your results? Relying […]

So You Think You Know Marketing? ACTION!

So you’ve gotten your customer’s attention. What’s next? Now you need to push toward a clear Call to Action. What’s a Call to Action? Imagine that you finally build up the courage to ask your boss for a raise. You set up a meeting, show up on time, and give a brilliantly designed presentation demonstrating […]

So You Think You Know Marketing? Becoming Bilingual

When popular whiskey brand Canadian Mist tried to break into the German market, they failed miserably. Why? Because in German, the word “mist” means “manure.” The Germans, for obvious reasons, were not impressed. But for most companies, it’s easy to “fail to speak the customer’s language” – even when both the company and the customer […]

So You Think You Know Marketing… What’s In It for Me?

Imagine that you’re in the market for a new furnace to heat your home. You call in an HVAC salesman, and he tells you that he has the perfect system for you. Here’s why: “It has a 96% AFUE, 16 SEER, and a variable-speed motor. In other words, it’s very energy-efficient.” You call another HVAC […]