Thinking Beyond the Consumer, Part 4: Is the Customer Really Always Right?

  There’s an idiom in American business that the customer is always right. It makes sense in theory – after all, your customers are the ones who pay the bills. To earn repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals, you need satisfied customers. You can’t take them for granted, either. According to research published in the Journal […]

Thinking Beyond the Consumer, Part 3: Give Your Employees What They Truly Need

What makes an employee quit?  Often, it’s because they feel unappreciated, unnoticed, and unrewarded for their efforts. In fact, 79% of surveyed employees who left a job said lack of appreciation was a major factor in their decisions. As a business owner, you may feel that employees are already fully compensated for their work. After […]

Thinking Beyond the Consumer, Part 2: Getting Your Employees Fired Up

“My employees don’t care about the business like I do. So why should I go out of my way to care about my employees?” As an employer, it’s easy to fall into a downward cycle of discontentment with your employees. You see that their attitude towards the business is lacking, which makes you feel resentful […]

Thinking Beyond the Consumer, Part 1: Marketing to Your Employees

Word around the water cooler is that at least three of your employees are sending out their resumes to other companies. Two of your customer service reps are currently at each other’s throats; no one wants to work with Mark, who is a control freak; and Larissa is constantly leaving work early without an explanation. […]